Earth Witch and Goddess of Women.

  • She was named by Cronisper, her father.
  • She named her brother Balumbasta
  • She was one of the namers of Pamalt
  • She is the giver of bounty, the provider, the mother and the wife.
  • She owns all things.
  • She is the Yam producer and the mother of Hens.
  • She also is responsible for making huts, weaving and potting.
  • She tried to bring back Langamul but only brought back some parts.
  • When Noruma revealed Amuron, she was one of the four witnesses who could look at him.
  • The Green Hens are her ears.
  • The Splendid Parrots are her voice.
  • She gave the Camp of Innocence to the Artmali
  • She learned to scold men at Molibasku

Sources: Revealed Mythologies, Guide to Glorantha

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