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Often called "Elves" by various human groups, the Aldryami are humanoid-shaped plant creatures.


  • While some may appear to be of very human-looking appearance, most feature completely vegetable traits.
  • Some may have leaves or vines for hair, or a greenish hue to their skin, others are covered in bark or have non-animal twists to their limbs.
  • Aldryami are tied to the type of forests they live in.
  • Born from a seed which his mother lay and bury to earth.
  • In addition to human senses, they have Elfsense which allows them to commune with the woods.
  • Also known as:


  • Types of Elves include:
  • Mreli or Brown Elves - associated with deciduous forests.
  • Vronkali or Green Elves - associated with coniferous forests.
  • Embyli or Yellow Elves - found in jungles and rainforests.
  • Halamali or White Elves - an extinct species of elf that lived in the Wastelands and :Kovano.
  • Moon Elves
  • There are also related sylvan creatures, often not as smart or numerous as true Aldryami, such as Dryads, Runners or Pixies.
  • The following species are called elves despite their lack of descent from Aldrya:
  • Fire Elves - they reportedly live in the southernmost of Pamaltela, called Sakum
  • Murthoi or Blue Elves - which live in the ocean tending forests of kelp.
  • Slorifings or Red Elves - associated with ferns and spore-bearing plants.
  • Voralans or Black Elves - associated with funguses and slime moulds.


  • The Aldraymi fight as skirmishers.
  • They often make use of Warriors of Wood, animated fighting trees.


  • Major type of Aldryami inherently worship Aldrya and other own deities of the sky, earth and water.


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